2019 to 2020

Identities with Maria Piessis of Lost Sundays and Jessica Yatrofsky of jystudio.
Shown: Arab Wine symbol, Jessica Yatrofsky logotype, Mind Space Minimal podcast identity, Outer Limits Brewing symbol and illustration.


Animated social media commercial for DeKalb, ANTIANTI's proprietary typeface.
Typeface and creative direction by Ros Knopov (ANTIANTI).
Viewable on the ANTIANTI Instagram.

2018 to 2019

Digital design for nita with Natalie Marie Gehrels of OURUSE.

2018 to 2019

Digital design with Natalie Marie Gehrels of OURUSE.


GAPCASH identity and system design with Joel Evey. 2017.

2013 to 2015

Northside Music Festival art direction with Sarah Lutkenhaus.

2013 to 2015

Editorial art direction and design for Brooklyn Magazine with Sarah Lutkenhaus.

2011 to 2013

Editorial design for The Wall Street Journal Magazine with Pierre Tardif, Patrick Li and Magnus Berger.